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Here are steps to record a Lullaby video on a smartphone using its
camera settings 

The steps work for all smartphones. The inbuilt camera app on smart phones is perfect for this recording (you can choose another function or another video app if you wish).  Remember you will be using the camera to record the image and the inbuilt microphone to record the sound. You can use a ‘selfie stick’ if you have one.


Before you start recording

  •  Choose a lullaby and have a practice or run-through

  •  Decide if you will record yourself or someone else singing.

  • Find a relatively quiet and well-lit place to do the recording. 


Because of the way social media platforms and web platforms are built, video is a much easier way for us to share the lullabies. If you do not want to appear in the video but still want to submit a lullaby, please film some scenery or an object and sing your lullaby into your device to create a video.


Recording a lullaby

  1.  Open the camera app on your phone - if you are filming someone else set it to the main camera and point at that person. If you are filming yourself switch camera to the front facing “Selfie” camera.  Ideally the camera needs to be at a small distance from the person singing (about 1 meter, but a little bit more or less is ok). If you are shooting a selfie, then hold the camera vertically for ease. If you are filming someone else, a horizontal position works best. 

  2. The singer should look into the camera and not at the person holding the camera. If possible sing to a baby or think of a baby to sing to…

  3. Set yourself in a steady position and record for the length of the song then stop the recording remembering to hold the phone steady up to the end.

  4. Review the recording to see if its ok.

    That’s it for the recording!


Sending the video to Birthlight to include in the Lullaby Quilt

When you are happy with what you have recorded you can send the video  (audio file) in the following ways:


Upload it to your usual cloud storage platform (icloud, dropbox, GDrive etc) and then copy the download or share the link and send it in an email to



Send the file using a file sharing program such as WeTransfer, Sharefile, Jumpshare etc and copy the share link and send this in the body of an email addressed to

Please include your name, the name of the lullaby and the country it is from in your email. By sending this email we will assume you give permission for this film to be uploaded to the Birthlight Lullaby Quilt as well as to any associated social media platforms. 

Thank you very much! 

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